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As the author of this blog, I'd most like it known that I author it sincerely. I come here for myself alone and use this space and this process as a sanctuary of sorts. In the sense that any kind of natural propensity we have, whether it's to write, sing, cook, create, offer - whatever the case may be of the countless - it's something given to us by nature, or call it God, and because of that, it's worth doing for its own sake. Because you can't not do what you were born naturally inclined to do and live a life that's as rich as it could be.

I come here and share because for whatever reason, I have always had the impulse to take the moments of joy and disquiet in my life experience and channel them in to words, to somehow weave them in to stories. To do it in this public fashion...it is strange, isn't it? I do it, though, because I realize that all of our stories are ultimately the same. The context is different - often vastly different - but the feelings underlying them never are.

The searching for, whether you call it God, the Divine, Allah, Source, or whatever you choose to name It, is probably the greatest force operating in my life, and has been even before adolescence - or earlier, for all I know. I'm fairly certain that we all have that inner yearning to one degree or another. In fact, I would say that whether we recognize it or not, that fire in our hearts is the only reason for the human dramas that we're all a part of. We're simply engaging with it in our own beautiful, terrifying ways.

This blog is an expression of my ways. I'd love that someone would get something from it. And if they don't, well, that makes sense too. For sure. Regardless, thanks for coming by and taking a look. I wish you great, great peace.

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