Monday, April 8, 2013

we are this together

These past couple of months, I've been receiving emails and messages from dear friends and readers who have told me that this or that post I'd written had resonated with them, and in a timely way. Someone who is very special to my heart - my first encouraging reader, as a matter of fact; the first person who made me think my spiritual take on things might be worth sharing - told me how she'd forwarded one of my posts to lots of people and that she'd gotten the same kind of response. Hearing that fills me with a gratitude I can't adequately express.

While it is true that I author this blog for personal fulfillment, the fact that there are readers that identify with what I have to say never ceases to touch or amaze me. I see these messages as confirmation that what happens to one of us benefits all of one way or another. For me, I write. Some life event or mental experience will happen, I'll experience my perceptions of it, the mind-stream I call my own kicks in and starts its storytelling about said perceptions, which is often followed by the inspiration to channel all of it in to words. The instrument used isn't as important as the fact that they're there and being used. All of it comes from Source and the fact that some minor - and sometimes not so minor from my perspective - event takes place in my life that winds up having some kind of effect on a person I've never met...well, it's just amazing to me. There's One Mind in operation from what I can see and all the seeming parts truly do touch and influence the others. That tells me that all of our pains and all of our pleasures aren't meant just for us. The expression of ourselves and our gifts is meant to be expressed for the entire Mind to benefit from...whatever "parts" are called to experience whatever other "parts" they happen to engage with.

I've said this before but because it's so personally touching and I think it bears repeating...and respect...and celebration...and ongoing acknowledgment, I'm going to say it again:

We are all, each one of us, on this crazy life trip together. We are each other's mirrors. We are each other's teachers. We are each other's Love. No matter the nature of our relationships - each of us, each interaction, each dalliance, each flash of affection or distaste that passes between us is a holy spark. It doesn't matter how seemingly long or short, deep or superficial the connections appear to be or how they're flavored...they're holy. They are messages, reminders, jolts from the Creator to inspire our looking inward. Each are an opportunity to consciously express our truths.

We're in this together. We ARE THIS together.


  1. Yes, we are. ESPECIALLY with the not-so-desirable people, events and circumstances--we ARE this together. You rock!

    1. Yes! And I think the not-so-desirable is when it's the best (albeit hard) time to call on this knowing! YOU rock!