Saturday, February 23, 2013

a nudge (and kisses blown)

My dear, beloved One.

I understand that you're in need of a reminder? Well, as it happens, I'm always honored to usher you and welcome you Home. You know that. You have called, so I am here. You have asked and so I answer:

There will be joy and there will be tears - but don't try to prepare yourself. For any of it. Do you dare? This is a matter of letting yourself free fall in to the great, wide-open vastness of the eternal present moment. It is a constant floating in and as space - trusting the water (Me!) to support you. Give up your paddles and your floaties and rely on Me. Sink in to Me and I'll support you for all the days of your life. Give up the pain. Just rest on the warm ocean water, the ever-present Now-Awareness. Lie back and be carried - away from your thoughts, your body, your troubles and expectations. Notice in this stillness how future never comes - it is just an endless widening and expanding kaleidoscope of Now - future never, ever comes. You're always held, here and now.

When you suffer, it's because you're struggling in the mind. You're relying on the mind to save you, to free you of your troubles/dilemmas/pain. Know yourself as free Aware-Space and there is no more trouble to be had. All conflict, all sources of stress and discontent come about when the mind looks to itself for peace. It relies on its own knowledge and analyses and projections - but it's impotent. And most bemusing of all: it knows it...not in all cases; but you who read this, yes. The little "me" has no power. Compared to the awesomeness of infinite God (Me!) - it is nothing; it's a drop in the ocean - and embracing that fact after lifetimes of identifying and attaching to its own sense of grandiosity...hurts. There seems to be a humbling, a dismantling process. Come to the moment and float in the not-knowing - the not-knowing of even that. Notice how the future never comes. The present just keeps rearranging itself, spontaneously arising in seemingly endless ways. It is never, and always, complete.

As you walk the seeming path of your lifetime, you will come to many forks in the road and be presented with a myriad of opportunities. And how to decide? First of all, don't take it all so seriously! It's so profoundly simple: feel inside yourself what's true. Not what another says is true, not what you imagine another would think is true - but what is true for you. What you can feel is true for you in your marrow. Take it and run! With wild abandon! And should you ever feel a tinge of sadness or a wave of pain that threatens to knock you down, blow you off course, or cause you a moment of doubt - good! Take that sense of being ill-at-ease and stop. Sit down in stillness...and think of Me. Put your thoughts, direct your thoughts to thoughts of Me, the God of your understanding. Focus on the rituals, the prayers, the songs you sing in honor of Me. As you do these things that fill you and nourish you with lightness of being, the more expansive your inner world will seem to become. Ultimately, no change will really have taken place, but your awareness and your perceptions will shift - and that will make all the difference for you.

Do you see how light you are? How you radiate sincerity and grace? How simply you step in to a scene and enchant the characters around you? If not, begin to pay attention. The smiles returned, the pats on the back, the subtle grins - you are prone to brushing these off as nothing special. It isn't always you do this, of course, but more often than not, the pure love that can be perceived in these small acts of connection go unappreciated and overlooked. But the more you begin to see these little things around you as My signals to you that you're not alone, the more you commit to a conscious acknowledgment of support from the Universe, the easier it will be for you to see who you are and just what you're a part of. This sea of Oneness. Every moment, thought, perception, will be seen as the ripple they are, gentle waves that you drift on as you swim, moment by moment, in this eternal sea of grace. It is not a knowing you'll capture with the mind that you can hold and return to. It's a formless, limitless knowing, that while at times may seem to escape you, if you'll but have faith in Me - if just the smallest amount that you can muster; it's all that's needed - it's My promise to you that your faith will grow in due season and your communion with Me will blossom.

If peace is what you're seeking and I hear from you that it is, I invite you once again to come inside. Meet Me where I am most able to be felt; indeed, the only place I'm able to be felt - inside you. Come inside and be still with Me. When you enter the quiet of your Self, the act of placing your focus inward to the awareness that you are, instantaneously completes you, your hunger fed. You're automatically fulfilled, with nothing more to do, nowhere you must go. Inside, as you abide in Me, you ARE IT. And blessedly, you know it. You recognize this. You remember your identity and know all you need to know - that you and I are one...that I AM. All of this is in contrast to the search you've taken on outside, in which who you think you are can get so easily lost.  Time and space - Mind itself - seemingly destroys the Self, obliterating it in to billions of pieces; a divine kaleidoscope of lovingly controlled chaos - egos, personalities, colors, shapes, thoughts, words, deeds, actions, change - it's something one can so easily get swept away by, and is every moment, every single time the mind's thought stream is followed and believed in. In that moment of engagement, the human drama, the physical universe, the karmic chain - all of it is given rise to. The one I AM is indescribably, incomprehensibly split in to pieces; each one of the pieces a piece of the whole, mistaking itself for something separate and alone - and it spends seeming lifetimes through millennia - through the entire story of humankind's tragedy and delight - trying to find itself, attempting to know itself and where it belongs. It is a hologram that is mistakenly looking outward when the whole is right there inside, present always. But even this description does not do Reality (Me!) justice. For it is an existence beyond the mind's severely lacking abilities to perceive. How silly! How strange! Can you spot the potential for fun now? Lighten up, My child! Lie back and float! Give way!

As you seek sanctuary in Me, the troubles you attempt to fix or run away from in the outer world are more and more seen as the ephemeral light show they are. They are magnificent, no question. They're brilliance; their dancing changing forms are an expression of wonder - but truly nothing substantial in the end. Nothing but Self is lasting and therefore not suitable as an anchor - if peace is what you seek. For anything in the perceptual world that you'd seek for solace or deliverance is a house of cards ready to be blown away by the invisible winds of change, like in dreams of sleep. The dream figure in terror cries out for a solution. But any solution that could be found - any delight of the flesh or mind disappears to the Self upon awakening - even the most sublime is destined to fade. If peace is the knowing you are after, I welcome you inside. The outer world has not gone anywhere. The kaleidoscope dance you know is still endlessly unfolding - but resting in your Self (Me!) - it will cease to have dominion over your experience, your knowing, your self - which is ultimately limitless and incapable of being hurt or diminished in any way. Float as space and know this to be true.

You - pure Spirit - Alive Awareness
...are so very, very Okay.

All of my love and kisses blown,