Tuesday, December 4, 2012

wearing union well

I went to Simone and Oliver's last week and got to meet Baby Johnny for the first time! He was unconscious during the visit, but hey.

I didn't meet him on his actual birthday because I knew there would be a lot of people at the hospital milling about, and I figured it would be better just to wait until the commotion died down so that I could have some quality face time with mommy and baby. So, when Oliver's mother set up a two-week-long meal train for them following Johnny's homecoming, I figured it would be a good excuse for me to sneak over for a visit. I ended up taking them a meatloaf and my aunt's green bean casserole recipe - one of which I'd never eaten before, both of which I'd never made. Grams sent with me a plate she'd prepared of some kind of cookies interspersed with slices of store-bought lemon pound cake. I don't think it was too shabby an offering, I must say. Considering that I hardly ever cook or eat anything not borne of box or bag, I was pretty much stoked to discover that not only was it fun for me to make, but they actually liked it and found it edible.

It was late afternoon, early evening when I arrived and Johnny had been up quite a bit that day and had just fallen asleep ten minutes before I got there. That was kind of a bummer, but it was cool just getting to chat with Simone and hear how everything is going. She's exhausted, of course, but hanging in. Oliver, too. Sounds like he's as helpful and sweet as I imagined he would be.  There were three bouquets of flowers - two from friends and family whom I can't remember, and one that Oliver brought for Simone. How thoughtful is he? How lovely! And that's what I love about going over there. They have this grand suburban home that is so obviously a physical representation of their partnership and love. I could see their union in the flowers, the TV, the paintings on the wall, the dishes needing to be washed, the mail on the counter. The little blue-blanketed human being asleep in his carrier. I would listen to Simone's words but couldn't help but stare at Johnny. I felt his soft little leg and toes with my finger, careful not to wake him up - but wanting to feel his soft, fresh baby-ness.

Due to my crappy night vision and the coming dark, I couldn't stay too long. But I was there long enough to see my friends and the little miracle they've brought in to the world. I was there long enough to drop off my plates of food to let them know in my little way that I love them and am thinking of them even though I don't see them as often as I'd like. I was there long enough to be inspired by what two people in love coming together can look like - their space, their little acts of fondness. I was there long enough to have the thought I'd like that kind of love someday. I could do without a baby, as precious as he was - but the love that brought him forth! I could definitely do with some of that. Those two, they wear it well.

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