Wednesday, December 12, 2012

on the hottest of summer days

I use so many words to describe God - like Source, Self,  or Presence, for example. To my mind, they're all words for the same grand Thing. I use them as pointers to that which cannot be spoken of - the Great I AM - of which All is present in and born of.  Recently, I've been drawn to using the word "Spirit." It evokes for me images of a vaporous, shimmering, silvery-white light that is all-present, permeating everyone and everything, seen and unseen. As ethereal as this "mist" appears to be, paradoxically, it is perfectly still, intelligent, and aware. It's what we all are - and by "we" I mean everything present in existence - all of "us" one cosmically interconnected tapestry of Is-ness.

The vast, shining tapestry as a perceptual symbol for God accompanies my use of the word Spirit. It's simply the image that comes to mind. I don't for a second believe it's accurate - but it is comforting for me, so I invite it. It's symbolic for something whose nature is indescribable. I find it very useful relying on the inner eye when there's a sense of disconnect from Spirit. It's refreshing to imagine seeing and feeling a physically cool, gaseous web of exquisitely lit energy that lingers about, within and around me. I'm both animated and held, a single floating particle merged with the entire fog of a universal web. When I'm feeling alone or afraid or separate in the world, simply imagining this Oneness lit of light is so enlivening and so satisfying that it's delicious - as a bringing to the lips a Mason jar of ice water, brimming, on the hottest of summer days. Spirit is just that thirst-quenching, regardless of word or image used.

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