Wednesday, November 21, 2012

shake that sleep

In this sleeping-dream, there is a chaos that's felt. There's a restlessness, a struggle. There's some kind of problem I'm grappling with and I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how to solve whatever it is. The "whatever it is" I can't recall.

As I awaken from the dream, my awareness lingers between both worlds. I know that I'm awake, safe, lying in my bed, but my body's still immobile and my mind remains focused on attempting to solve the "whatever it is." I keep trying to figure it out. Compulsively, I try to dive back in to the dream environment and solve that problem and SOLVE IT NOW, the sense of urgency still very much felt.

Minutes pass and my consciousness more fully returns to the waking world. I become aware of my splitness and the urgency drops. Spirit comes to my bed and whispers:
Wake up, wake up. The only thing that keeps these troubles alive in you, this sense of chaos, is your insistence on diving back in to the dream world. Open your eyes, engage with this waking world, fully, and the contents of the dream, all that was plaguing you moments before will disappear and return to where they came from. And just as you can set down that struggle by shaking off your sleep, you are equally as able to awaken spiritually, casting off your mortal cares. In much the same way, refuse to cling to the images of past and future that perpetually arise. You're awake, you're awake. You struggle to remember your identity, you habitually reach for your memories, you reach for your fears, you reach for your familiar clung-to sense of self. You practice your story, compulsively you reach. You say, "This is who I am. And who I am is a problem that must be solved." Set those down. See that you are here now, safe and alive, on this brand new morning of the soul. Know yourself to be awakened, and just as the dream did, the struggle and chaos of who you've thought you are will dissolve and return to where it came from. 
I open my eyes and get out of bed. I stand. I stretch. I embrace Spirit. I offer her tea. I recognize morning. And I wake.

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