Saturday, November 17, 2012

here comes the son

It seems like it was just yesterday - well, maybe last month - that I was posting about my friends, Simone and Oliver, getting married. About the nervousness I felt leading up to the wedding, as well as the fun had and ecstatic aftermath. It was one of the happiest days of my life and I still feel that joy when I think about it. But now, here it is a year and a half later, and they've just welcomed their first child in to the world - Johnny, I'll call him. He was born this morning via C-section, and while I've yet to meet him, from all the Facebook pictures I've seen posted, I can say without a doubt, this kid is off-the-charts adorable! I can only imagine how in love they are.

I didn't see much of Simone during her pregnancy. We met for a few lunches and dinners over the past several months, but that's about it - other than the baby shower they had. Apparently, this few-and-far-between-ness is our new normal, and I get that. I'm cool with that. It just makes our time together more special. And although we haven't seen much of each other, there is one special night right before they found out she was pregnant that's a perfect example and worth remembering.

When we were in high school, Simone would always ask her mother if I could spend the night over at their house, which of course her mother always faithfully said "no" to. So one weekend this past February, when Oliver went out of town with a friend for some sports thing, we thought it was high time we had our sleep-over.  We went out to dinner, built a fire in the fireplace, drank, talked, laughed, made a prank phone call or two as a nod to old times. There was some dancing involved. It was a lot of fun and long over-due. It wasn't long after - maybe within two weeks - that she found out she was pregnant.

It's kind of sad to me that we probably won't get a chance like that again. I know that having a baby doesn't mean the end of their social lives - forever, anyway - but with a child, it will certainly never be the same. It's because of things like this that I wish I'd not spent so much time in hiding, both recently as well as in my 20's. But that's neither here nor there. What's important is the fun we had and I'm thankful for it. And I'm sure that there will be fun in the future, some kind of way.

Simone called me this week in a wee bit of a panic. With just a few more days left pre-baby, the realization that Johnny was actually gonna be here in so short a time was finally hitting her. I guess the hugeness of it all was making her a bit nervous. She'd spent so much time hoping and planning and praying for the little one and he comes. As I listened to her question herself and her maternal capabilities, etc., I smiled inside. OF COURSE she's questioning herself! OF COURSE she's anxious!  I told her that she was right on track, her nervousness natural and right on time, and that she's in the best of company - they're the same thoughts and feelings all mothers of the human race have had throughout time. I smiled and felt tenderhearted for her because since we were teenagers I've seen her doubt herself from time to time. I've seen her go through some ups and downs. And I guess I just felt honored to be there again as she takes this next big step on her journey. I know, though, that's she's going to be just fine. She's going to rise to the occasion just as she's done every time before. She's got an awesome partner in Oliver. And I told her that even though I haven't always been the most reliable friend in the past, and that even though our lives are vastly different, I'm always here if she needs me.

This is such a big, big day. Happy birthday, Johnny!

I wish you and your mom and dad the most happy and blessed of lives.

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