Thursday, June 7, 2012

innocent adam kaufman

Dear Adam, 

I admit that initially I started watching the coverage of your trial on truTV because one of your defense attorneys caught my eye - seriously, that Alberto Milian is one hot motha. But the more I watched and the more I listened to the proceedings, the more I began to care about you and believe in your innocence. 

As a stranger, as someone you'll never meet whose opinion I'm sure means nothing to you, I feel compelled, no matter how silly or useless it may be, to let you know that I've been rooting for you, for your children, for your whole family. I clapped when the verdict was read and I cried joyful tears as I watched all of you in the courtroom hugging and taking pictures. I would've loved to hit the bars with you guys last night. You're a tight family of good people and it shows. It was an effed up road, but you guys made it in the end. 

I just wanted to write you a little letter of congratulations, and having no idea where to send it, I thought I'd just post one here. The jury got it right, man, and I'm so happy they did. You have someone unknown to you that's here celebrating right along with you - and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I wish you a happy, free life. I pray that Lina can now rest - and that you and yours can now move on - in peace.


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