Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fall to your knees

For a treasured piece of my Chicago Heart...

You've called for Me, my child, and here I am. Your seven-year marriage, the relationship you love so much, is coming to an end - I hear you say. It's bringing you no small amount of pain. And so I'm here. But let me make it clear, I'm not here to make you feel better. I'm here to wake you up. I'm here to remind you of what you seem to have forgotten, to tell you what you've been praying to be told. And if it makes you feel better, well then, that's just a globby mound of sweet icing on the cake.

Assuming that the Universe is always working in your favor, assuming that not a single moment of your human experience is ever out of order, and assuming that every interaction with every soul you encounter through all of so-called time, including your significant other, is for your utmost benefit - all of which I suggest to you is true - what could be the possible reasons for the dissolution of your partnership? What are the potential blessings there? Really think about it. Sit with that question. Make a list. Be specific. What you will have found is wonderful, and there's not one thing on that list too small or not worth celebrating.

I ask you to consider that it's not the ending of your partnership that brings you pain. It's the stories you tell yourself of what that ending means. No circumstance or happening in the world ever caused a person pain - only the conditioned, well-practiced attachment to fearful thoughts can cause a soul to suffer. Heaven is all around you, even now, but it takes a willingness to see it. It takes investigating the validity of the stories one lives by. It takes a repeated return to stillness. It's only in the quiet that you can find your peace - because that is where I am. That is what I am. And it's what you are as well.

I encourage you to set aside 20 minutes every day, more if you can swing it, and sit with Me in silence. Shut out the world, shut out the noise. And be. Close your eyes and breathe. Watch the thoughts go by. Don't judge them, don't cling to them. Just notice the mind stream as it flows along. As you do this more and more, your inherent spaciousness will grow - or your awareness of it, rather.You'll come to know yourself as you really are, not what the mind says you are. As you witness the movement of the mind, you become less identified with it and you begin to wake up to your true being. When you sit as silent awareness you recognize Who You Really Are. You realize you're not the passing thoughts, you're not the moods you experience, you're not your stories, you're not your past or future. You are the pure Consciousness that gives rise to it All. You come to know yourself as Me - the great I AM.

I know that there is pain right now, but bless it, bless this heartache for the invitation Home it is. Nothing makes the egoic mind/personality wake up to Reality quite like suffering. This soul you're involved with, bless them. Bless them for the anger and the madness and the despair you've felt. What a gift! What a treasure! And what a Friend to come shake you awake! This soul has come to ride with you on these waves of pleasure and pain so that you could come to see you're neither one, the good or the bad - you transcend and give birth to duality. This soul brought you exactly, with divine precision, what you've needed to grow and change and make your way - just as you have done for them, no question. You may physically be parting ways for now, and even this you know not for sure - but even so, there are no goodbyes in Ultimate Reality. There is only Me popping up in my many, many forms. This particular form you two have shared may be coming to an end, this chapter in your story may have you diverging on different paths, but there's really only one path going on here, and it's Mine. Find solace in the fact that both of you are on it and that neither of you can fail to get where you're destined to go. (And that, in Truth, you're already Here.)

All of this is quite abstract, I know. And I tell you these things knowing that they won't all make the hurt go away just yet. I understand that there is grieving to be done, confusion to be had, and tears still to be shed - and that's okay, I'm planting seeds. So you feel what you need to feel. There's nothing wrong with any of it. Just know that it's fleeting and that your story, the things that seem to happen to you, are truly happening by you and for you. Your peace can always be found by feeling your feelings, which is a great secret. When the hurt comes, the anger, the fear, sit still and feel it completely and totally, and when you do, you'll find what's left. You'll find yourself to be the free, unlimited, un-hurtable, unending You that you are. It's a great secret that not many humans know. It takes courage to meet your demons and find out Who You Really Are. But don't take my word for it, find out for yourself! That's what this soul you've been married to has come to show you. That's what every moment of your life, beautiful and obscene, have been about. You finding out for yourself who and what you are.

I direct these words to you about the "end" of your relationship, but I could just as easily be speaking to all your human brothers and sisters. If you could only see the divine role you play in each other's lives, you'd fall to your knees in tears of gratitude for the invaluable gift you offer each other. And this soul with whom you've shared your life is no exception.

Worry not how you'll get through this. You already ARE.

I'm always with you.
And always am you.

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