Saturday, June 30, 2012

another beauty come to call

My child, I know the fire still burns. I know that grief lingers and the pain continues to pulse. But you, my sweet one, are that which gives rise to the fire. You are the pure, untouchable, un-burnable Consciousness that gives rise to it All. You transcend all to which you stand witness. This is a wonderful thing to know! Freedom is at hand! It's yours. It's YOU. All you must do is notice.

All the suffering that human beings experience comes from the same single source of misunderstanding: the false belief that you are all a bunch of little, separate, fallible selves. You identify with the body-mind and in doing so, you become a devotee of the tales that the egoic mind stream spends its hours continuously concocting. I'm inviting you to step away from the stream, away from the stories, and to rest in Me. Let the story go. Stop trying to find solutions. Stop trying to "fix" your circumstances. Rest in Me, knowing that circumstances rise and fall away, but the I AM that you are at your core is always alive, always well, and always here and now - and in no way lacking or broken.

You cry out to your friends, to the heavens, to fate, to Me, wondering why it's so difficult for you to let go. You ask why the pain is here and what you've done to deserve such a cross. You walk around in a world of hurt, criticizing the circumstances of your life - and you wonder why it's so hard to let the pain go! Do you imagine it will be easy when you go around declaring this life of yours to be unsuitable and even unworthy of you? (No, you've not used those words specifically, but your arguments imply it.) You put down your physical appearance, your place of employment, and the time you spent in relationship with your beloved. You've come to treat these jewels with an alarming disregard that I'm here to suggest are in need of a lot more love - and I'd even say, worship. This misery that you curse lingers for one reason only: you continue feeding it, and by feeding it, you give it strength.

What if I were to tell you that I chose this lover of yours - as well as the time and nature of their departure - and this job you keep, and this body you use with its unique nervous system and unique quirks and beauties... all for you? What if I told you that I chose them just for you because I knew that I, God/Universe, would thrive in My expression in a magical, unrepeatable way precisely because you are who you are and your life situation is what it is? Would you see how special your life is to Me? Would you see that it's all for Our benefit? Would you trust that I set it up this way to bless us Both?

You tend to approach your heartache as something that's only occurring and happening to you. But I have come to remind you that not a single experience - good or bad, big or small - is ever for anything other than the benefit, betterment, and enlightenment of the entire Cosmos. We are that intimately linked. Because of the time you spent with this person, a blessed seven years, you have grown and laughed and loved and reached new conclusions and heights that would have been impossible otherwise, had it not been for exactly what has been.

You're a divine co-creator in this human play and the recognition of your power and true nature is exactly what I was after. You waking up to Who You Really Are - Me consciously knowing Myself as Me - is the reason...if it brings you comfort to have one. And have you not begun to see this? Have you not begun to grasp this? Of course you have! So when you look back on these past seven years and are tempted to see them as a waste of time, I encourage you to think of the joy and closeness you've known with this person and acknowledge these as the glimpses of My glory that they were. They were moments of Love. And nothing that leads you to glimpses of Me is EVER a waste of time. I use every avenue, every path, every situation to open your eyes to the wonderful grace that I am. Don't mistake the ending of your relationship as proof that it had no value. Does the sunset negate the beauty and glory of the day? Of course not! It's just another phase, just My beauty in another form, come to call. And that's where you are now - just another phase of My beauty. Just another place ripe for finding Joy. I encourage you to keep seeking it out.

Don't worry about the future any longer. The Intelligence that beats your heart and digests your food and causes the seasons to turn in time in just the way they do, is taking care of you and your days. Your life is not an event born of chaos, and I promise you that you are never alone. The moment you call out to me asking for peace and alignment with the Highest Good, I am already there. Legions of angels rush to your side, your guides bow to you in exaltation, and the Universe arranges Itself to bring you Home in the most elegant of ways. If you will align yourself with Me - by choosing the qualities of kindness, honesty, and love, in other words - then all else will be given to you. If you will inhabit your present moment with your own sense of authenticity - no more, no less - then you will be brought the people and situations that match your soul's needs, and you will automatically be made a vessel from which blessings flow. For you and the entire world.

What a place to be! What an insight to be given! As one of your spiritual teachers has written of God, "I have sent you nothing but angels and have sent you nothing but miracles." I suggest to you that this is so. It's so in the job you have but don't prefer, in the loneliness and anger you sometimes feel, and in the lover who's decided to say goodbye. All have their purpose. And I suggest that purpose is to blessedly leave you feeling order that you'd finally feel compelled to seek out the only thing that will every truly sustain you - Me.

And yes, my love...that would be You.

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