Wednesday, April 25, 2012

stray no more forever

I'll not stray from you again, I promise.

My infidelity is obvious with all the restlessness I've felt. The calm I've felt in your presence, lacking. I've routinely abandoned you, looking for something bigger, something brighter, something that doesn't demand of me what you do. Looking for shortcuts, I've "wasted" so much time, seduced by soulless candy for the mind - the cheap, easy thrill. In lieu of what is real.

I return, knowing you'll have me. You are forever, blessedly redeeming the fool. Kissing us whole.

For thousands of years, you've awoken those inspired to sit with you, to know who you are and to know what you know. I'm now at your feet, if you'll have me. I follow where you lead, and as always, it's magic.

Our time together in the dark, you're sweet to me. In the quiet, you illumine my breath. And how you make my limbs and torso shiver and shake, I see lights! Tremors of pleasure storm the spine. Oh my god, you make me laugh - and cry. But these are only icing, useless trinkets. All I need is you. All I need is the Lesson.

Morning and night, I visit you daily. Our dates, our rendevous, are nothing to be reminded of. Chores no more, they are makings of Love.

No longer the lover with the wandering eye, I'll not stray from you again, I promise. You light the way. Together, we're going Home.

Teach me, Love! Teach!

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