Thursday, December 8, 2011

party not over

To celebrate Nick and Cody's Vegas wedding back in October, there was a reception at an Addison pub last Saturday night - and it was awesome!

I could speak of the nervousness I had leading up to it. I could speak of the screwdrivers I had before even leaving home. But I won't. I'll speak on what matters, which would be the blast I had.

There was so much I loved about it, but one of the best parts of the night was getting to know Nick and Oliver better. Since it was my first time hanging out with Oliver, catching a ride with he and Simone turned out to be perfect. I got the chance to talk to him and get a better sense of who he is. Not only who he is, but who they are as a couple - and I gotta say, there was a blessed ease. I liked him, and our threesome's dynamic, immediately. Feeling cool with both of them made going up those stairs to the loft where the party was that much easier.

Several people from our past were there. Some of them I was closer to than others, but all of them were fun to see; catching up was nice. Drinking to the toast her friend gave, meeting her groom, and seeing her around all of her friends, was nicer.

The evening was spent up and down the stairs, in the bar and out. Up in the loft: drinking, chatting, laughing. Downstairs, out front: smoking, chatting, laughing. It was cold out and rainy, but there were a few covered spots - one with a swing, on which Simone and I frequently sat - and swung. On one of these trips outside, I had a little one-on-one face time with Nick, which I was glad about. His candor and joyous boisterousness were a combo, charming and disarming; not that I wasn't already diggin' him on Cody's behalf, but I was completely won over.

When the party ended and we hugged our goodbyes, Oliver and Simone and I climbed in to a cab, but after some mishap over a house key, we returned to the pub, our party unexpectedly not over. It allowed Oliver more time to throw darts and have some more drinks, Simone some more time to sober up, and me to - well, laugh or marvel at whatever goings-on caught my attention. Mostly, though, I just watched their husband and wife dart game. They were so cute! The way they kissed every now and again; how Simone danced before her darts. I was so happy to be there with them.

Cody is my oldest friend; I've known her since we were 12-years-old. It blows my effin' mind we've known each other for 18 years. One, because that makes us as old as we are, and that I've been alive long enough to know someone for 18 years! Two, because that's a long time for a friendship to last - and not everyone is so lucky. Cody and Simone were more acquaintances than friends in high school, and on one of our trips to the smoke-swing, Simone mentioned to me that she hadn't realized back then how genuine and good-hearted Cody really is. Being one of the "cool" kids - which Cody was - I guess it gave her a mystique that others took to be who she was. We both agreed that what makes her so cool - because she still is a cool kid - is that she's real underneath the ideas people would have about her. Appearance is nothing she cares about.

It was the kind of night that I've been having more and more of lately - and I know there are more to come. It was the kind of night where I let myself connect with people that I love and who love me. It was the kind of night that I used to imagine, though nowhere near as well, in those years I confined myself to my room. It was the kind of night that, even via the memories that linger, makes you smile and laugh so hard, your jaw hurts.

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  1. Another great night out for you. I like how you take these moment by moment. It is wonderful to re-connect with old friends, isn't it? Look forward to hearing about New Years!