Thursday, November 17, 2011

unexpected light to come

There will come a moment when someone long-loved reveals a truth. There will come a moment of rethinking your bond and long, common history. The moment will reveal that you're not as all-knowing as you've imagined. And that Something Said, will cause you to see things, including that long-loved someone, in a different, more piercing light. That Something Said is bound to bring both your bond and beloved a depth you haven't yet seen, shadowed heretofore. It is certain to alter the story from which you've lived your life - a jaw-dropping surprise. And it is coming. Wait and listen for what's not presently known. Wait to receive what you've not yet been given.

And more! A night! An embrace!
Long enough to know they mean it.

The moment will come -
and is worth every breath -
from now 'til then.