Sunday, September 11, 2011

we remember you

The collective "We" don't know your names or faces, for the most part. We don't know the countless details that made up the days of your lives. The kinds of relationships you had with your friends, family, and loved ones. Your favorites and your fears. Your virtues and sometimes petty ways. Both the things you were able to accomplish, and the things you never got around to. In short: we don't know the worlds you left behind. And were it not for that September morning, "You," as a group, wouldn't have ever even crossed our minds. But that morning, that truly hellish day, did come and go - and so here you are. In our hearts and thoughts. Ten years later. We still can't know why, not really. We can't know what's next. But we do like to think that your deaths were not in vain. Because of you, heroes came to be. Some of us were shaken awake from ancient sleep. Some of us began to see our power to choose. Some of us became aware of our places in the world, and became inspired to question them. Some of us became a little lighter, kinder. Yes, some of us are haunted. Bitter still, and grieving. Some of us are trapped in hate not knowing the way out. All are valid; all reactions appropriate in their time and place of being. We see your collective fate in different ways. We took - and continue to take - from that September day what our Soul would be provided with by that Divine Intelligence, the God of our individual understandings that ultimately decides what we're most in need of receiving. That is not a small thing. Can you appreciate the vital role you've played in humanity's growing-up process? Can you appreciate the wildfire of seeking you've inspired? Our lives are short and this world is fragile; you reminded us of this too. We're right to believe your deaths were not in vain. Precious strangers. Whether We knew you or not - we know You in the sense that you've touched us in your multitude of sacred ways. We'll remember You for a very, very long time. ♥


  1. This is truly beautiful. Well spoken. You have a way of lending nuance to topics about which it is difficult or taboo speak, and in doing you help me see more layers in those topics. Thank you.

    (I'm back at Blogger now BTW. I missed it.)

  2. @Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu: Thank you very much!

    @Suzanne: Thanks for the kind words - and I will "follow" you and link you accordingly. :)