Tuesday, August 30, 2011

apologies accepted

The day after my birthday, I got a message on Facebook from my dear, gone Silas. It was a "hello" and a birthday wish. Since then we've exchanged messages, texted a few times, and even talked on the phone once. I think there may be hope for us after all. At the very least, as friends.

The truth is, the situation hasn't changed. He's still his social, ready-to-settle-down self, so convinced that I'm the cool guy he thinks I am. And I'm still the shy one, not fully trusting, or ready to party in, the world he represents. So for the time being, we're at an impasse. The good news is, his contacting me again gave us each the chance to make our feelings known. Apologies were made. Laughter was had. And the groundwork was laid for a possible - I'd even say likely - rendezvous in the future.

It was a nice birthday present.
A good, good talk.


  1. This is great. Closure, or in this case leaving a crack in the door, is always nice when it works - and it sounds like that works for both of you. Now I need to read backward through summer to find out what happened in the first place! (Just picked up bits and pieces on fb). I always take summer off reading and writing because summer gets unstructured and crazy with kids. BTW, I have re-incarnated my blogger's life at Wordpress. Totally different focus than the old one.

  2. Awesome. I've been waiting for you to get back to blogging! I just clicked over to your new spot - and I definitely like the looks of it. Welcome back!