Tuesday, July 12, 2011

one man's heaven

I've read countless books and listened to countless talks by countless teachers throughout my life, all in an attempt to better understand my place in the Universe. Trying to get closer to God, to make sense of God, has been the only thing that has ever truly piqued my interest. There is nothing that I love more; nothing excites me or has the ability to make me lose track of time more than investigating matters of the Soul. This study is joy for me.

The "trouble" with being so passionate about a topic like God is that the word "God," the idea of "God," has so much baggage and means so many different things to so many different people. I just want to clarify what I'm talking about when I speak of God. I'm speaking of the Source of everything. The Intelligence behind, and responsible for, the unfolding reality of the present moment. The still, conscious, aware "space" in which everything that is known arises and disappears. I call it God, Universe, Tao, Reality, I-AM, Source, Awareness - all of these names are different words which, to me, mean the same thing. Words that ultimately only point, not convey.

That's the paradox. We can't know the Divine with words and theories. And still I use them. We can't attain Enlightenment or reach Nirvana by reading books. And still I read them. Only because it's the best I've got so far. It's where I am.

For whomever is reading these words and for whatever reasons, I just want you to know that I don't believe I've found THE Truth. I don't think THE Truth can be known by a human mind anyway - I think that It is something transcendent. I only post what I do on the blog or my Facebook page because it makes me happy. They are ideas that resonate with me. They give my ego a temporary sense of being safe, of understanding. I would never truly try to change another person's point of view or claim to know it. That would be screwing with another person's entire sense of self; it would be tampering with another person's perceptual understanding of their Universe.

I've come to see that many people often aren't interested in other people's opinions anyway! And unless they're asked for, they just don't need them. Everyone is getting along just fine with their own. A person's relationship with God is a very personal thing and I love that they would have them. All we have is the God of our understanding - and I want everyone to have what's rightfully theirs. I don't mean to offend anyone with what I share. I just like expressing my take on things through words because that's what I do - because I often like my take on things.  ;-)   I adore writing about my understanding of God and the unfolding of my life through a spiritual lens - that's it. It's always only for me. Only because the impulse is there and it makes me feel good. I use words and concepts that I need to hear. When I write or post, it's because it's something I need to read or be reminded of. If someone happens to come along and likes what I have to say, right on. I love it, I do! And if they don't, I can understand why.

The only Truth I ever offer anywhere- or that anyone offers, I'd say - regarding the Divine, especially - is simply a fallible product of the mind. Something to be considered or not. I wrote this post simply because I wanted my readers and Loved Ones to know that this mind, in particular, knows that it doesn't know. It's only ever after its own entertainment, it's own conclusions.This mind wants for your mind what your mind wants for itself. 


  1. in my opinion, this sentiment comes across loud and clear in each and every post, jeff. I'm glad you are willing to publish your musings - I gain so much insight into myself when I read them.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I'm so glad that you can feel it, that it comes across. All in This together. :)