Wednesday, June 22, 2011

an unasked-for assertion of our buddha-nature

I know you didn't ask what I thought. You probably didn't even wonder. It's none of my business, really...But you know, if you had wondered, this is what I would have said. I would have told you that it's going to be okay. All of it. Not that it's going to be okay - but that it already IS. That it always is - whether we're aware of it or not, able to see it yet or not.

I'd pull you out in to the sun; I'd take you by the hands and spin you. We would spin each other. 'Round and 'round.

I'd have said, "Pick any person on this planet - past or present, saintly or otherwise - and we all have at least one thing in common: we're human. And as humans, yeah, we can be a little gnarly - but our potential for expressing Love in Its purest form is always there. So you're not at that point yet, that's cool. Neither am I. And neither are 99% (?) of our fellow humans. You're not behaving as the Buddha would, you're right. You're not walking and talking quite like Jesus. But neither are you behaving like the cashier at the grocery store, or the person in front of you at the post office, or the murderer you heard about on the news. You're doing something infinitely more appropriate - you're embracing you. Do you see? It's not a matter of measuring up or comparing. It's just a matter of difference. Of wakefulness. We're manifesting as the Divine at our own particular "levels" so to speak, and in just the right way. And as humans, the "right way" often includes disquiet and violence, and a relentless yearning for reality to show up differently than it does in the moment. It includes fighting situations when we know good and well that acceptance is where our Freedom's found. It means sometimes indulging in thoughts that we know don't serve us and acting on them despite our better judgment. It means sometimes cowering in the darkness even after seeing the liberating nature of the light. It's silly. It's self-destructive. And it is what it is until it isn't anymore. It's all we've got until we're able to cultivate a clearer way. Despite all of that, though - despite our unique human foibles - we are divine. No, you're not the Buddha - BUT - you are brimming with, you exist as, you are Buddha-Nature. Midst your hating and frustration, and yes, your moments of beauty too, you ARE a buddha. You are You, living out your Buddha-Nature just the way Siddhartha did before he woke up. I promise you, friend to friend, you are right on time. You are waking up too. Each of us are waking up - as the Holy Ones have done before. The cashier is, the recluse. The unemployed, the thrill-seekers. The addicted and afraid. The glittery girl with game tokens.

I know you didn't ask what I'd say. But I knew that I could stand to hear it too. I could stand to take a little walk; I can always use a little sun.


  1. phhht.. i don't know who you're talking about, but i'm always asking.. always. thank you for this. it may keep my alcoholic step daughter from having the crap beaten out of her with my mala ;)

  2. I was talking about all of us. I, for one, can never use too many reminders - and I just wanted us all to remember that we're doing just fine - the mala-beaters and -beaten alike. ;)