Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ours is the one show

Someone recently mentioned to me how great the season finale was to one of their favorite TV shows - and how many people on their Facebook page had commented, saying the same thing. That some were even saying it was the best finale of any show, ever. The thing is, when you know that a show's returning in the fall and the cliffhanger leaves the characters you care about in some precarious, dramatic situation - while it's entertaining to watch - oftentimes it doesn't leave room for much question. We might not know exactly how they'll get out of their trouble (which I'd say is part of the fun), the fact that we know the show has been renewed for another season or that the actors have signed on for another season lets us know that the characters are ultimately going to be just fine - or the show wouldn't be able to continue.

It occurred to me how similar this is to Life. It occurred to me how much easier things could be if we (meaning I) approached the unfolding dramas of our personal lives in the same way we do the storylines on TV. Life, just as a television series, is meant to continue on; that is what it does. The characters must live their stories, say their lines, do what they do, and hopefully evolve. But no matter what twists or turns they encounter along the way, no matter how bleak or challenging their situations might become at times, the fact is, things don't remain the same ever after; there's always a new story arc coming 'round the bend. And the same is true of us: what is so for the fictitious character is just as true of the real-life human being. There is no mood, no relationship, no physical pain, no fear or circumstance that will forever keep on as it always has. So in those times we look at our life situation and we're wondering how it's going to turn out and we're nervous because we don't know which direction to take, in the moment we're facing some grave dilemma - perhaps even death - I think we'd do well to remember that despite our uncertainty, we cannot possibly keep from getting where we're going. Life will continue on just the way it should, and as eternal "actors" in the play of Lila - the unfolding of God - our roles may change, but our dramatic adventures and our opportunities for Soul-ness will never end. Even if we seem not to appear as "us" anymore, ours is the one show that will never get canceled. So when we are facing things we'd rather not, or are in the midst of things we don't understand, we could just decide to sit back and mellow out, to simply watch how the story develops in the same way we would a TV show, curious and with anticipation. No worries - just amused detachment - because really, there's not one twist of fate that keeps us from where we're going; it's the twists of fate that propel us to where we're going. There's no way to get it wrong. One season builds on another. There's no cliffhanger from which we won't triumphantly return. Change/Life/Source makes sure of it.


  1. This is the what an insistence that we stay in the now gets for us. You do feel like you're watching a movie and there's less temptation to let the stories "stick" to us. If we could figure out the plot and change it radically, over all, I think we would, but there's this deep conviction that its none of my business and being a conduit for the All is.
    Does that makes sense?

  2. Tracy, yes, that makes total sense! That's often been a thing with me. Deciding whether to abide as the Witness, letting Life take care of Itself - or to try and play the seeming game.

  3. I enjoyed this, was especially hit by the end - "there's not one twist of fate that keeps us from where we are going". So true. No matter how we feel about something, if it is going to happen it will happen. Well said.

  4. Thanks, Suzanne. It's true! Reality is just relentless like that! =)