Sunday, May 22, 2011

the 2nd 90 days

One of the things I love about blogging is the accountability factor. One of the things I hate about blogging is the accountability factor.

My second block of 90 days came to an end earlier this month, and I have yet to really get going on my third. While I've not gained back any of the weight that I lost during the first 90 days, I've not lost any either. What can I say? There are no excuses. What it boils down to is that food is probably my greatest cross, and I wasn't able to rise to the occasion this go around. Folding my arms and saying, "It's hard," is easier than getting off my ass and breaking a sweat. Wandering around entranced by my "I'm addicted" storyline is easier (Really? Is that true? Can I absolutely know that this is true?) than opening up to new ways of eating and approaches to food. I have the tools, so what's up?

This isn't over by a long shot. I'm not giving up. I've just come to touch base. To put it out there, to remind myself that every day and every moment is a chance to start over and choose again...


  1. Don't know if you've read it, but I found it interesting and a source of constant mind places to go when "food" seems like the solution, or at least a good idea
    overcoming addiction: a spiritual solution.. aaaaaand yeah, it's deepak chopra.. ;)

  2. There's always the plateau factor. And as Abraham says, you gotta line up with what you want, and then focus on anything else that is a pleasant distraction. What would that be for you? :-)

  3. @Tracy: I haven't read it, but I will check that out!

    @Deb: Thank you for that reminder! I do still tend to think of it as a cross to bear and not an opportunity. So used to thinking of it as something that needs to be fixed or corrected, and not as a process that could - heaven forbid! - possibly be fun. :)