Wednesday, April 6, 2011

raw, courageous heart

This is one of the most powerful examples of The Work - and raw, brilliant, courageous Love - that I've ever seen. May we all live this awesome woman's Heart. Thank you, my dear, dear sister. I don't have the words.


  1. I'm such a goofball that I've kept this as unread because I can't frikcin' find a quiet enough time to hear this so i have yet to push the play button and i'm gettin' a little "are we there yet"

  2. Oh Tracy, when you get a chance, let me know what you think!!!

  3. Finally, finally...

    I laughed at "I've never said that sentence before." How many sentences haven't we said before. It lit a fire in me to say one new sentence a day.. one that knocks my socks off and tosses me wildly into that paradigm

    At the point where she was talking about how her clients made her feel and couldn't say the words, I kept saying,
    "They love you." over and over and over and over.
    of all that is magic and true and omnipotent.

    I laughed again when the awakening child leaned back and said, "I don't know if I want to give up all that." oh man... so brutally true. How can we "be" what we think we are if we let go of our fears? "Authentic identity"

    I could go on for paragraphs, but suffice it to say, I'm finding a class and going to attend.

    love you ... truly, Jeff. Thank you for sharing so much of you.

  4. ...and Jeff, because it often will be with all the hidden truths, it needs to be said that this was as hard to feel as anything ever has been, but if we don't feel these things, they're denied starved children dying in the dark.

  5. I know! There was so much in this video that I could find in me too. Especially the recognition of not being sure I want to let certain stories go. When you look at who you REALLY are beyond the stories of who you SAY you are - you're freed up. And there's a disorientation in that. Like you said, the mind wonders, " if I'm not this person, if I can't keep suffering in this well-versed way...what will I do now? What am I all about? How can I continue to be different and separate and NOT happy?" The mind doesn't know how to DO Authentic Identity. The mind can only put itself through so much shit before it's ready to wake itself up, and it's happening everywhere!

    It is so, so scary - and I can't think of anything more worth doing. Having friends who serve as mirrors or who recognize the awesomeness of the steps you're taking (literally taking them with you as they take their own) makes it all the more rewarding and fun. :) I love you too, Tracy. Truly.