Thursday, April 14, 2011

a night-walk reunion

After all of these years, Simone and I finally met up again this past Saturday night - and it was so wonderful. Just like my reunion with Emre, this one was just as seamless and just as sweet.

She drove over mid-evening and after coming in and saying "hello," we left for our walk to the nearby park. (Yeah, it's true: we all know me and walks in parks - my favorite!) It was a really nice night - which we've been given a lot of lately! - and lots of people were out enjoying it. Some were playing tennis and some were out walking on the trails. There were a few groups of people, and ducks, sprinkled around the park, hanging out and talking, diggin' on the warm spring night like us.

The familiarity of my friend was very reassuring. She's been asking me to hang out for years - and as we embraced when she first arrived, and as we walked and talked over the hours, and as we sat at the little table in the Starbucks right up past the park and laughed, and as we sat back at home in the backyard swing and looked at pictures - I wondered to myself how I ever could have been afraid to see this person that I recognized as a soul-friend so long ago. I wondered what took me so fucking long.

Not only do I look forward to attending her wedding, I look forward to more of this laughter, more of these walks, and more of these nights. They're so long overdue and so long in the making, Lord knows.


  1. So wonderful, really! You spent some time in the bud and now it is time to bloom. It seems to me that you have been part of the cycle of nature all along - and in nature timing is everything. Maybe it just wasn't the right time before, the bud thing? Could it be as simple as that?

  2. @Suzanne: I went back to find a comment that you left me on an earlier post, and here's part of what you said: "Whatever brought you together back then sounds like a core resonance thing and not some surface friendship. I imagine she has done some growing and changing too so you would probably recognize one another still." Just wanted you to know that you were right about all of it. The core resonance really is what's always shined through, even now.

    I think the bud and bloom is the perfect expression of all this. I really do think it's as simple as that. :)