Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dfw gets an arctic blast

I look out the large front window, my eyes overwhelmed by the bright white blanket that's been laid on the neighborhood; I almost find myself squinting. It's freezing; it's gray; it's the epitome of all I dislike about winter.

Very early this morning, the highly anticipated "arctic blast" that the weather forecasters have been predicting for days now, arrived right on schedule, just as they said it would. It's always fun to watch the news in north Texas when the weather turns cold and we get layers of ice. It's such a rare occurrence here (we get snowfall maybe once or twice a year), that when it does occur, not a moment is wasted in the dramatization of it. But to be fair, I've heard that it really is bad and not just hype, that's it not been this bad in fifteen or twenty years. Still, it's fun to tune in. I like how the reporters are sprinkled in different locations ("braving the cold," as the newscasters are fond of saying) to show the various effects throughout the Metroplex. How they pick up chunks of ice, holding them up for the camera to see, and how they interview the passengers inconvenienced by the interrupted light rail service. And how they stand a fair distance off, sometimes capturing footage of good Samaritans stopping by the roadside to help push a wayward vehicle that's gotten stuck in the snow. Or how they report live from DFW to air live coverage of stranded travelers and pictures of empty planes stuck on the tarmac. Then there's the classic clip of some random citizen saying, "It's cold out here." Haha! It's easy for me to enjoy all the "frigid" hoopla from my safe, warm house, I admit. But my heart goes out to all the workers out there who must face the elements and to the homeless who are very much effected by this kind of weather. I wish them all warmth and safety. It's nasty out there, and unfortunately, many are so ill-prepared.

But as bad as it may be, I can't help but wonder what our neighbors to the northeast would have to say about all of this...


  1. in my less charitable moments, I wonder if Shakespeare wouldn't have added "the media" to his "kill the lawyers" line. My husband and I watch BBC news and a few other foreign news channels just to find out what's going on in the world other than what Lindsy Lohan's been arrested for this time... ;)

  2. Haha! Yeah, I sometimes question their chosen stories. I have a couple of news gadgets on my iGoogle page and just a couple of days ago, one of the headlines was, "Miley Cyrus gets tattoo no. 5." Umm...alright...

    To be fair, I realize that I must write about things sometimes that people not living in my head probably don't care about, but still...

  3. well, my dear, those people living your head? they're all of us... you're just spending more time with us than most people. "Most people" being, you know, the people who haven't come to terms with a universal consciousness we all share ;)
    Keep writing for us.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    I hope it's warmed up for you down there. Is your email working? I keep getting bounced back messages.

  5. Hey Deb! Yeah, it did...but I hear it's coming back tomorrow to pay a call...Blessed contrast!
    I got a new address, so I'll email you.

  6. Has it warmed up yet? No, I don't think we saw any whether like that when I lived in Dallas!

    Hey, guess what? Somehow, some way, for some reason Byron Katie is the keynote speaker at our big FREE Autism conference this year (Chicago). I am so excited but I gotta note that I'm concerned once she starts talking about Loving What Is some of these Autism Mommas might run her out of town on a rail! I fear she might so easily be misunderstood, but we'll see I suppose.

    Did you get my email? I want to make sure you got it. I put your new addy in the address book for my main email address.

  7. Hi Suzanne, it did warm up for a few days and now the snow has returned! So weird.

    That is awesome about Byron Katie! I would LOVE to go and hear her speak at your conference. When is it, btw? I think I understand your concern. It's a very sensitive thing, but I bet there will be a lot of open minds and hearts in attendance. Hopefully, they'll be able to hear her.

    I got one email, but after my reply I didn't hear back. I sent it a day or two later. Did you get mine?