Thursday, February 10, 2011

as personal as a rainstorm

Something I've come to see that has really proven beneficial in the navigation of my day to day experience is the impersonal, impermanent nature of things - the faithful way they come and go. Especially emotion. All of it mind, and so easy to get swept away by. Of course it's no secret that things change, but remaining cognizant of how temporary things are has stopped me from becoming so overwhelmed and identified with my mental world, and by the stories I find myself telling and believing - helping me to relate to all if it easily, as I would the weather.

Grace increasingly allows me to step out of those toxic-thought downpours that can sometimes descend with unsettling fury. But in moments of Presence, I'm offered an umbrella composed of Soul-empowering choice. For example, when I notice that I'm taking something too personally, am irritable, or depressed in the throes of some full-tilt ennui, I have the option of taking a look at what thoughts I'm believing in the moment, sitting with them and looking to see if they're as true and consuming as I've assumed them to be. I'm able to actively choose to tell another story, one that not only feels better but one that, for all I know, is just as true and will serve me incalculably better. I can employ imagination, producing joyful visions that literally make the Heart dance. I have the option of finding solitude, sitting in silence, and Being. I am able to observe as the Pure Awareness that I am at my core - and watch the mental storm as it approaches, does its thing, and eventually dies down, all the while knowing that that is not Who I Really Am. I can observe with no need to "fix" things, no need to try and feel better - but just to sit, knowing that who I am (as Source) transcends all of it, completely incapable of being "fixed" or improved upon; already perfect, there is just no need.

That I've come to know these tools (truths) has not only helped me relate to myself, but those around me in a more loving and patient way, I think. I am able to see that our thoughts and moods come and that our thoughts and moods go, and that none of it is personal. The rain does fall, and thankfully, the sun follows - but neither happen to us. Nor do they define us. They are for and within us.

The things that Grace reveals!

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