Thursday, January 27, 2011


Before I began this blog, I had another one (for a week maybe) that I called winds&tide. I'd pretty much forgotten about it, but the other day I got an email letting me know that someone had commented on one of the posts. I was surprised because I thought I had deactivated it. Anyway, in the "About me" section of that blog, I wrote what's below (with a few minor changes), and I still like it and find that it's still true, so I thought I'd post it here:

I am the sea.

Jeff writes because it’s an urge.

It makes sense to him. It’s good.

When Jeff speaks of God, Source Energy, the Universe, the Tao, the Divine, Allah – they all mean the same thing to him: Love.

And Love, in its purest, eternal, unspeakable form is the only reality there is – it is Life itself.

And he believes that we are That. And That is I.

He writes with the knowing that his thoughts and personality are not who he really is. And yet, mind appears.

The mind appears as waves on the sea of Self, the I am.

He writes not because he thinks what he says is the truth – he knows better than that.

He simply offers what he perceives in the moment.

He writes because it’s an inspiration –
And he finds the feeling good.

He writes only of the human story – his changing tides.
But the sea – the awareness of it – is who I am.