Thursday, January 13, 2011

aware, as life's student

In this moment, there is an Awareness present. I know that I am. And I've come to see that beyond this present self-awareness, I can't know anything else for sure. Anything that I'd attempt to know would only be made of mind-stuff, conceptual thought-forms that come and go.

The past and the future are only imaginings as far as I can tell. In this moment, all I have to tell me that something did take place or might take place are thoughts. But once they disappear, where is my proof? And even in their presence, where is my proof? It's all only here and now. This is the only thing I ever really "have" to rely on.

Law of Attraction, karma, magick, astrology, heaven, hell, purgatory, the astral plane, enlightenment. All philosophies, beliefs, and practices are all only concepts of the mind. I can't know anything for sure. All I can do is look to my own experience and see what feels right and then seemingly follow that. Many of these ideas ring true for me. Many of these concepts resonate with me to the utmost. And so I live by them...except when I don't.

I'm trying to reacquaint myself with role of student - because it's clearer and clearer to me that it's my true nature. I am to let Life show me the way. I am to allow others to speak their truths, to have their opinions, to tell their stories, to perform their experiments, draw their own conclusions, to study and report what they have found. I am to allow circumstances their own unfolding, in their own time and fashion.

How dare I try and force Reality to be other than it is in the moment! How dare I speak for another, think for another, rely on another! Another person, thing, or idea. How futile and inaccurate. That would be a memorization, an assumption, a studying, an analysis, a false sense of static knowledge. And as Life's student - eternal "witness" of the here and now - there is nothing to be known. Only lived as Consciousness.

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