Saturday, October 23, 2010

a sophisticated chocolate sensory experience

I studied the package, thinking, "I love dark chocolate. This is going to be so good!" I skimmed the fancy wrapper, reading words like "deep ebony color" and "alluring aroma" - which, yes, it did have. I opened it up, broke off a sizable piece and held it to my nose, inhaling said aroma.

I've heard for quite awhile now just how good dark chocolate can be for our health. It benefits us by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as releasing endorphins and serotonin. As long as it's not packed with sugar, and it's made with plenty of cocoa, it's not a bad thing to snack on, in moderation. I've always liked dark chocolate, so cool for me.

Being reminded of the health benefits of dark chocolate, and wanting a new, healthier kind of treat, my aunt bought a few different varieties of it for us to try.

Words such as "smooth" and "rich" were employed, and it was labeled a "supreme creation." How could I go wrong?

Yes, there wasn't much sugar in it and the label clearly said it was 90% cocoa. And yes, my aunt had already tried it and said that it was nasty, but I thought that compared to milk chocolate or maybe even cheaper brands of dark chocolate (all of which I favor), of course it wouldn't taste quite as good; I figured it was just an exaggeration - but it wasn't.

I bit in to the square of chocolate, tasting the familiar cocoa taste. I moved it around in my mouth, expecting some kind of sweetness to reveal itself along with the bitterness, but it failed to come - at least not in the few swishes of my tongue that I could stand to hold it in my mouth.

I'll have to encourage lower blood pressure and all of that mess some other kind of way.

I spit that little, mean-spirited piece of darkness in to a napkin and threw it in the trash.


  1. Dark chocolate is an acquired taste, I think, and most people that I have talked to about it either love it or hate it. Personally, I love dark chocolate and don't particularly care for milk chocolate (perhaps because I don't really like sweet foods anyway). If you ever feel like trying some dark chocolate again, I'd recommend getting some with a smaller percentage of cocoa (maybe 60% or so) and working up to the higher percentages.

  2. Hey Heather, yeah, I really like it too. I guess I'd just never had such a high percentage of cocoa before and didn't realize what a difference in taste there would be!

  3. Trader Joe's 72% dark chocolate is the place to start. Many people I have turned into addicts for this stuff were amazed at how good it tastes the first time around :-)

  4. Oh, excellent! Thanks for the tip!