Saturday, October 2, 2010

randomness and versatility

I have been thoughtfully presented with the "Versatile Blogger Award" from the author of one of my newfound pleasures to read, Autism Mom Rising. While I'm not entirely convinced I deserve this award, I definitely appreciate the love with which it was given. Tradition would have me pass the award on to seven other bloggers I feel are deserving of it,  as well as sharing seven facts about myself.

I've already passed awards on in the past couple of months. So instead, I will break with tradition, and just direct everyone to my list of favorites in the sidebar and assure you that all of the sites, teachers, and fellow bloggers that I have listed there are awesome and worthy of exploration. I really get something worthwhile from each of them.

Thank you, Autism Mom Rising! It's been fun - and enlightening - getting to know you and Alex from your blog, hearing about your experiences.

Seven Random (and probably not too interesting) Things About Me

1. I prefer woven floss to waxed - and if it's minty, all the better!

2. I'm an HGTV junkie. Before/after pictures are so satisfying to me.

3. My iPod inscription: "my wars and triumphs are laid away in you"

4. My keyboard is wireless.

5. I love the Crystal Lite.

6. I once had a pair of yellow Converse.

7. I enjoy sending and receiving handwritten letters and postcards.

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  1. You deserve it. And thank you for writing such a blog of substance. HGTV does indeed rock!