Friday, August 13, 2010

capitalization explanation

Heather, over at Say the Trees Have Ears, recently brought up the subject of capitalization in regard to paganism vs. Paganism - which to use when and the significance behind each. I thought it was interesting, and seeing as how I frequently use capitals in my writing, I thought I'd offer my own rationale behind their usage.

I follow the normal practice of capitalizing proper names and the beginning of sentences, of course, all the typical places. I only differ with certain words - and in each instance, I'm referring to what I perceive as God. They are my favorite words to use because It is my favorite concept to ponder and is a knowing that I intend to live out of.

Some examples:
  • God/dess
  • Universe
  • Source
  • Divinity 
  • Consciousness
  • Well-Being
  • Who I/We Really Am/Are
  • "I AM"
  • All That Is
  • Oneness
  • Truth 
  • Life
  • Higher Self
  • Joy
  • Tao
  • The Way
  • Reality
  • Stillness
  • Peace
  • Grace
  • Presence
  • Awareness
  • Love
Each of these are synonymous. Each word, simply another way of expressing that which cannot accurately be expressed with words. Each are an attempt at taking what is infinite, and constricting it in a way that the human mind can take hold of. Once It is spoken of, however, and turned in to a concept, it can become a dead thing, easily taken for granted and/or misinterpreted. It makes sense that we would try to speak of it - it is, after all, a significant part of the human experience and it's search - but once we do, It's immense, juicy nature is made less than what It is.

Bottom line: whenever I capitalize my thoughts about the Divine, it is simply to showcase It's ultimate status, It's all-encompassing nature. It's a way of acknowledging my realization that It's underlying existence is in everything we live - including all of our attempts to express It.

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