Sunday, August 1, 2010

blog of substance award

I recently re-discovered a couple of blogs out of Canada, Say the Trees Have Ears, as well as, A Penchant for Paper, that I enjoy and encourage people to check out. Their author was very kind to offer me this blog award, and I just wanted to say thank you for thinking of me, Heather, and for showing some love.          

The "rules of acceptance" are to thank the giver of the award, choose five words that sum up your blogging philosophy, and to then pass it on to at least five other blogs that mean something to you.

I guess my five words would have to be:
  • Honesty
  • Gratitude
  • Alignment
  • Awe
  • Joy
It's hard to choose five words to sum up what you're all about, but I guess I did a pretty good job. I write because I feel compelled to, because it's fun for me. Living itself is my spiritual practice, so when I write, it's simply about reporting whatever experience - joy or disquiet - I may find myself living or creating in any particular moment. It's simply noticing and acknowledging the beauty of What Is. I truly can't think of anything more exciting!

I pass this "Blog of Substance" award on to:
  • Karen at Postcards from Nowhere, whose breath of fresh air honesty and spirit always make me smile. She is someone I'm proud to call friend.
  • Deb at Blissmonger whose blog posts challenge us to follow our bliss and to remember who we really are. She's a gift.
  • Heather at Say the Trees Have Ears, whose love for nature and books is contagious and inspiring. I look forward to reading more!
All three of you encourage us by your examples, to approach Life from a more conscious place, and I am grateful to have you as reminders. Big ups, ladies!

(Okay, so there are only three and not five - but these make up for it in quality!)


    1. thanks so much jeff! I'm honored. I've never participated in one of these before, but since it's from you, I will give it a shot. :)

    2. No pressure whatsoever, okay? I just thought it was nice and wanted to spread the love with y'all.

    3. Yes, this is indeed a blog of substance. Congrats!

    4. Thank you, Autism Mom Rising!
      I really appreciate that!

      I'm eager to spend time exploring yours.