Friday, June 18, 2010

point taken

With my focus on spiritual alignment amped up lately, isn't it strange - though not surprising, I guess - that I'd find myself with back pain coming to call? Little pains - and maybe "pains" is too strong a word; they're more like uncomfortable spurts of not-rightness - have been popping up in my lower back, causing me to stretch and shimmy to keep from hurting. The misalignment is obvious; the coming and going of pain from my calf to shoulders.

The episodes don't last long - but long enough to have me bending and lying down on the floor all kinds of ways. Long enough to have me teetering around, looking crazy. Long enough to get my attention.

So, yes, I got the message.
Thanks for the reiteration.

Thanks for checking on my commitment.

How cute You are.
How sly.

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