Saturday, May 22, 2010

to esther and abraham, with love

The nature of the Universe is so complex - and equally as simple - that it takes many different teachers with their different styles and pointers, to guide us to the knowing of our place in it - our role as humans, our relationship to it all.

All the religions, all the masters, are trying to explain and make sense of the Oneness. With the mind, they are attempting the impossible, really - and yet, how can they not? How can we not wonder? How can we not seek? We are the Universe itself; it only makes sense that we'd reach for this understanding. We're much greater than we take ourselves to be and we know this innately, whether we're conscious of this knowing or not.

And you are one of these masters, one of my dear teachers, and I want to sincerely thank you.

On any given day, the teachings that I seek vary. It's what I'm called toward that I listen. But on any given day, regardless of what philosophy may be traipsing through my brain, I can listen to your words - and the Love behind them - and immediately be brought back to a place of hope and excitement, where I'm thrilled and eager to begin my practice. You have a wit about you and I love the personal anecdotes you share. You've a gift for fostering connection. You are so adept at conveying ideas in a way that is light and interesting. You are fun to be around! Your alignment is inspiring - and anyone who is willing cannot help but be uplifted by Spirit you radiate.

You speak of law of attraction, which seems to contradict the teachings of Advaita - and I just couldn't make sense of it all for the longest time. I see now that it doesn't matter. All teachings are ultimately incomplete. I'm through (unless I'm not) trying to reconcile all the differences that I perceive. Reality is reality, after all, no matter how we may try to explain or interpret it. What matters is my openness. What matters is the peace that can be experienced and the Love that can be lived and given.

It's undeniable that the heart of your message is Love. The power of Now. The seeking of Joy. Choosing to see all of life through the eyes of Source. The knowing that our world is the product of our perceptions - which are nothing but stories - that can be changed, simply by seeing them for what they are, and then telling them in a different, lighter, more beneficial-to-the-soul sort of way. The knowing you ignite that I cannot get it wrong and that I never get it done - and that I never get it wrong because I never get it done. The knowing that I am loved and all is well. The knowing that there is an eternal stream of Well-Being that will swiftly take me if I'll just release the oars. This is elation you're stirring up! This is no trivial matter!

I can listen to you for hours, and often do. I consider you a friend. You are but one of the remarkable, illuminating teachers that I have. It is true that there are many guides that move me - but none are quite like you.

Thank you for all that you've given.
There is great Love here for you.

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