Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the gift of thought in the eternal now

Who we are and what we're made of is present moment Awareness - unchanging, all-inclusive, everythingness. The power and grace of who we are can only be found and realized in the eternal Now. And the fact that this Now is all we're ever given just goes to show how benevolent the Universe really is.

Aside from effortless Being, nothing reveals to us our miraculous nature better than thought.

The dream of duality is what keeps Consciousness (who we really are) seemingly unaware of Itself. And the dream is nothing but an elaborate mental construct; thought is what creates our so-called world. Strangely, yet blessedly, at some inexplicable point in the dream, in some moment of Grace, the very mind that keeps the dream going, the very mind that keeps Reality veiled from Itself begins to realize its own false nature. The very mind that creates the dream is the very mind instrumental in its undoing.

In this moment, all is well. For Consciousness this is known, lived, and the perfection is obvious, until a thought arises that would cause belief to the contrary - which can only be hooked upon when dreaming. But when the mind is seen through and thoughts are no longer believed, thoughts are a great tool in the apparent process of awakening. When thoughts are no longer attached to, such beauty they can reveal!

A pleasant thought of the past arises - and what a blessing! - it brings us a smile right here and now. An unpleasant thought about the past - even just the past of five minutes ago - arises, and what a state of grace! - this image in our mind simply shows us something that is no longer taking place. This dream image that flashes in our mind simply reveals that who and where we are, right now in this moment, is eternally new, infinitely untouchable. A pleasant thought about the future arises and it gives us inspiration and a sense of well-being in this moment. A negative thought about the future, again, only serves as an example of what is not taking place in this moment. It directs us back to the safe, infinite, moment that we are in. Thoughts, when truly looked at, always bring us back to the Now. They are blessed pointers home.

Our thoughts, our so-called egos - these can be our friends if we let them be.

They're not to be fought against - just welcomed, seen for what they are, and allowed to pass away.

Whether looked upon as sweet or sour, they are all just stories. Stories that the mind is telling. Stories that couldn't even exist were Consciousness (who we really are) not present for them to arise within.


  1. Great post! I really like your blog! Have a nice day! A.

  2. Thank you!
    You too!

  3. brilliant! such a lovely way to conceptualize this gift. thank you.