Friday, February 5, 2010

hello, again!

Six days I went without my blog. And in that time, I would see or hear something and think, "Oh, that would be fun to write about. Oh, I wonder if my friends have heard or know about that." And yeah, I guess I could just send emails - but I've come to like writing here. 

I wanted to stop blogging because I thought that in using this format as a personal journal, which I do, I'm only catering to my ego. But honestly, life itself has me catering to, and flirting with, my ego - that's the Way of it. My separate identity is going to be asserting itself no matter what I do - until it doesn't - so why not continue writing (or doing anything!) while I enjoy it? I'll do what I can do to cultivate Presence - but I can still be at peace with the shenanigans along the way. The shenanigans are where I'm at.

My blog ideas, my readers, my inspirations and fears that I like to dance with - these are my friends. 

I felt kind of dumb because I sent emails to a few people telling them that I'd posted my last entry, and thanked them for reading. I felt dumb because it was just a week ago that I said "goodbye." 

"But c'mon, these are my friends - what's the big deal?" I asked myself.
And then I saw there was none.

I said goodbye - and now I say hello, again!


  1. welcome back!!! I'm so delighted that you decided to return. I'm a big fan of shenanigans. :)

  2. jeff,
    i am here. i love reading your stuff!

    love you forever,
    cheryl gurl

  3. Cheryl gurl, LOL!
    My angel, I love you, too!

  4. A fan of shenanigans, huh?
    Haha! You're in the right spot. ;-)
    Thanks for the welcome!