Saturday, December 19, 2009

speaking the blessing

I just finished listening again to last week's podcast of Joel Osteen. His message was about "speaking the blessing" - which is using the power of the spoken word to call forth God's blessings, pouring them over others.

I was so excited by this!

It has always bothered me, to a neurotic degree, that I've not had any real professional aspirations, or concrete plans or ambitions. It's bothered me that I couldn't get a handle on the specifics of what I wanted to contribute to the world, not to mention how I planned to make a living at it. And when I lack that sense of inspiration - that shimmering, undeniable reason to call me forth - I tend to use that as an excuse to stay exactly where I am, woebegone and lazy. Which is why I am where I am - partly, anyhow.

While I still don't know the details or what it might "look like" in terms of a career path, at least now I can embrace the essence of what I'm to offer the world - and that has had me on Cloud Nine. Being a source of Love sounds so airy-fairy and vague, but that's what it boils down to. When I think back on all the times that people (strangers, even) have shown me kindness, love, generosity - and how nurtured by the Universe I felt, thanks to them - I know that I am on to something. I know that there is nothing else I would rather spend my time doing.

What excited me about Joel's message was that speaking the blessing is something that I can do today, right now. I don't need a degree or training to engage in blessings. Verbally acknowledging the good in people and things around me is a gift that I can give today. I don't have to wait or struggle to be who I already am and to give what I am already capable of giving. A career path is important, but I think perhaps it should play second fiddle. So for now, I'll focus on what I am sure of and what I know I can do. And what's better, I know what that "looks like."

Everyone - everyone - is composed of the Divine. It is who we are, what we're made of. And that inner flame, that seed of brilliance, that piece of God that is in each and every one of us - is who and what I'll engage with. I will speak to the divinity in others - namaste in action. I will look at them through the eyes of Source as often and as earnestly as I can. I won't entertain the idea that people are their circumstances, mistakes, flaws, or the choices they've made in the past. I'll reach out as best I know how, I will listen, I will love - but when another believes themselves to be lost or not good enough, or incapable, or anything less than greatness, I will do my best to hear them and to act with compassion - but in my heart, I will not go there with them; I will not join them in their fearful or limiting beliefs.

I will be discriminating in choosing the words I speak out loud. I'll follow Sai Baba's guidance and ask myself if what I'm about to say will improve upon the silence. If not, why send it out in to the Universe? In those instances, wouldn't keeping my interpretation of things to myself, and allowing God's quiet to speak for itself, be much kinder? There is Intelligence operating in that silence and we are cradled by it; that kind of Love, even in our oblivion to it, speaks infinitely clearer than I ever could. I think speaking the blessing is not only about using the power of the word for good, but also realizing when silence is necessary and keeping a check on the ego. But on the occasions that I feel I do have something useful to say, I'll not hesitate to say it. I will do my best to uplift and encourage. I will speak of joy and potential.

I'm not speaking of becoming a mindless spouter of false compliments or flattery. I don't want to go around shoveling spoonfuls of syrupy bullshit in to people's mouths for the sake of peddling sweetness. I just want to be a reflector of Truth, a blessed pointer Home. I want to be aware of the opportunities when they present themselves - and to have the presence of mind needed to take wise and loving advantage of them. This is my work.


  1. It sure IS your work, and you seem to do it as naturally as breathing. I know you have certainly been offering me these blessings ever since we first met ... and I am infinitely grateful!

  2. As have you, my friend!