Tuesday, December 8, 2009

playing the "wouldn't it be nice!" game

For me, sleep usually leaves softly. I become conscious in a serene way, as a natural, obvious conclusion to a night's rest - matter of fact, but gentle. This morning, though, I arrived in consciousness suddenly, straight from a dream. During my last moments in the dream world, I was in a park and being given a phone number. I can remember seeing the numbers written down on a piece of paper.

As I transitioned from that world in to this one, the numbers reverberated in my mind, so distinctly present. It always takes me a moment to realize where I am once I wake, but the numbers patiently stayed there until I mentally caught hold and could make sense of them. It's like they were firmly stamped in my awareness, quite deliberately, to make sure that I'd be able to hold on to them through the transition back in to the body.

The numbers clearly whispered to me over and over, until I staggered over to grab a pen and piece of paper to write them down. It took no time at all before my eyes arranged them in to clumps of lottery numbers. I figured that was their reason for being made known to me. ;-)

I'm always looking for the Good and serendipitous in Life. I actively seek to witness - and decide - when and how the Universe is speaking to me. When something out of the ordinary happens like this, I assume that the Universe is telling me to take note.

So, I went to 7-11 this afternoon, and I bought a few tickets and have had fun imagining how I would spend my winnings. I imagined the looks on my loved ones' faces when I surprised them with theirs. I imagined taking the road trip down to Austin to claim the money. I imagined the things I'd do and the ones I'd share it all with. The visions made me smile.

And that's the thing: bottom line, the dream sparked a few smiles. And that's all I needed - which I know is true, because so far, it's all I've got. In this moment, what more could I possibly need? Maybe they will make me a millionaire and maybe they won't. It's irrelevant, really. They made me smile! A groovy mind trip was had.

That is why I bought the tickets.
That is why I was given the numbers, ultimately - this I know.
For the fun I've had in holding them.

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