Friday, December 11, 2009

obvious, miraculous

I've spent hours upon hours reading newly discovered blogs these past couple of days. There are so many ideas and images to explore. I've actually been overdosing, truth be told. I need to step back a bit and let things soak in; there is such a thing as too much thought, too much analysis. But man, there are so many different flavors of humanity to taste. So many perspectives we're able to consider. It's incredible this ability we have, that technology has given us, to connect with the world around us.

All things significant, all things not so much: news, financial information, weather conditions, sport scores, calculators, recipes, currency exchange, videos and blogs on every conceivable topic, music, literature, sex, etc. We only need to ask. It's all there waiting to be received. It's remarkable, really, all that we have access to.

Younger people and children born now, they'll not know any different, but I'm just young enough to remember the days before the internet. I remember not having answers to my questions immediately available. They were there to be found, but not instantaneously and not to the same extent. It makes me consider how the world must have been experienced before television, radio, electricity, and all of our other modern conveniences (blessings). I'm not saying that one is better than the other; pros and cons exist with both, I'm sure, but the humans of today and the humans of the past have occupied two very different planet Earths.

I look forward to my time spent exploring this online wonderland. I am provided with so much food for thought. I've been given the opportunity to meet, befriend, learn from, and love people living in other places that I would never have crossed paths with otherwise. That is huge when you think about it!

It's all very obvious, the benefits I've pointed out, but when you live with them every single day, you begin to take them for granted.

They're obvious, yes - but miraculous, still.

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