Sunday, December 13, 2009

3:00 am pancakes

Last weekend, my stepfather was awake in the middle of the night flipping through TV, when a commercial for IHOP came on, advertising their blueberry crepes. He thought that they looked good, so on a whim, he woke up my mom and brother and the three of them went out for breakfast at 3AM.

They liked the outing so much, that they planned another late night/early morn meal for this weekend - and with it not being a late night, spur of the moment thing, Grams and I were invited along, ahead of time.

I didn't bother going to sleep, so I was wide awake and ready to go when they arrived to pick us up. The night was cold and misty, even rainy on our way back. There's a different energy in the middle of the night and I enjoyed being out in it for a change.

The restaurant wasn't busy at all, but more people than you'd expect - but less than there were the week before, they said. I didn't catch the waiter's name, but he hung out with us a bit while we ate. We actually laughed a lot. My stepfather - a talker, that one - engaged him in chit-chat and he turned out to be a pretty funny guy.

I love diners and the vibe they have, and this was no exception. Even just the way it looked was pleasing to me: the coffee and tea at our table, the scrambled eggs with cheese, the crepes, pancakes, and extra crisp bacon. The conversation was nice. The unusualness of time and setting for us all made it fun, too.

The lack of sleep hit me near the end of the meal, though; I started to space. It welcomed me kindly when I got back home.

Good times - definitely.


  1. thank you for this! I've been trying to think up fun stuff to do with my teenagers over break, and this really fits the bill! ooh, and I think Krispy Kreme is open 24 hours, too ...

  2. Let me know how it goes!