Friday, August 21, 2009

made dizzy

A friend asked me this question out of the blue one day:

What do you live for?

And this is what I said:

That is a powerful question right there. You surprised me with that one. So simple, yet potent, it can make you dizzy. I love you for that.

I can't say that I live for any one thing. There is not a single passion, or a person, or a goal. I suppose it's more like a witnessing, what I do. I watch to see what Life presents me with. And then I watch to see how I'll react, and I hope that each time I choose, that I will choose better, wiser, or more loving than I did before. If I had to put it in to words, I'd say that I live for the infinite little "nows" that make up life.

It is to be more spontaneous, not so rigid, braver.

It is embodying what I imagine Love to be.

It is to live as the water we talked about - to respect that change.

It is to lighten up and laugh more, while still being honest about where I'm at.

It is to allow everyone their feelings, unconditionally, myself included.

It is to remember that I'm not that special or powerful, and that it's quite remarkable, strange, and lucky that I exist at all.

It is to trust that Life knows what It's doing and that I - if I actually do exist at all - am simply along for the ride.

Now, you.

I'm listening.

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