Sunday, July 12, 2009


We are, at our very core, our most immediate being, Pure Consciousness aware of the present moment.

We are all there is.

Without our awareness, all that we are aware of could not exist.

Our awareness of the present moment is the only constant, undeniable Truth.

All else: all thoughts, moods, feelings, and circumstances come and go.

What ties these together?

What do they all have in common?

What sustains them?

We do.

We are the still Presence in which “all else” takes place.

We are Life itself.

We are Source, through which “all else” is given birth to.

We give rise to all phenomena through our awareness of it.

Anything other than, or added on to, Pure Awareness does not last and cannot ultimately be real - can it?

Our sense of time?


The NOW is forever “happening.”

Who says there is time? Where is the proof?

Something has happened in a so-called past. But is that true? How do you know? The only proof that supports the idea is only another thought; a thought that rises and recedes – like the fleeting, flimsy dream images that thoughts are. And all the while, Now/Life/Awareness continues to BE.

Our personalities?

Only thought-memories, thought-imaginings. Habitual patterns of thought and behavior; mere disguises; costumes. Memories that give us the illusion we are constant entities. Thoughts that give us a sense of self. The illusion that we are time-bound creatures. All are passing, changing thoughts. All the while, underneath these notions, WE are still here. Who we really are remains untouched and unmoving.

“Be still and know that I AM God.”

That we are anything other than still, pure, aware space, being aware of Itself is an illusion.

We are far more encompassing; far more alive than we know - far more than a "mind" could hope to comprehend.

We are everything.

We are nothing.


And even that is saying too much.

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