Wednesday, December 3, 2008

this afternoon

This afternoon, right now, I am sitting in front of the computer; my fingers typing while I hear birds out my bedroom window. I've left it open as an invitation; to let in this perfect, somewhat warm, autumn day. I hear a gurgling in the pool and the faint sound of kids playing somewhere down the street. I hear the fallen leaves scraping against the concrete and the chirping of my bird-friends, and the barking of my dog-acquaintances in the distance. I hear planes that keep going by and the occasional tap-tap-tapping of an uneven patio chair being nudged by the wind.

That fresh air scent that I love so well is brought inside with the breeze and will linger hours after the window is closed.

I can't think of another place I'd rather be or feeling anything other than what I feel now. I could not have planned a better afternoon.

It will pass; this appreciation and this general sense of niceness. That's just how these things seem to go – but for now, I've got it; for this afternoon, I'm living it! And I will again.

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