Friday, November 28, 2008

thanks is given

Dear God/Source,

Thank you for all of it.

I give thanks for:

A body with considerable health.

A body that is capable of the basic human experiences.

Air to breathe.


Water: clear liquid brilliance.

My beautiful friends and awesome family that amuse me and help me to live.

Conditions of all kinds that shake me afraid or uncertain.

Money that finds its way to me.

The nice house that I live in.

Every single material object/luxury that I am able to use or take advantage of.



My sense of smell.

The country that I live in – the abundant freedom and choice that surround me - and those who protect these.



Comprehension; or consistent, expanding remembrance.

Times when my ego gets knocked off its self-righteous pedestal. A Reality check - there is nothing better!


Great food.

Animals and babies.

Suicidal misery, ecstatic joy – and all that lies between them; the hypnotic pendulum ride.



Shoes and clothing.

Showers and soap.

Oral health care.

Trees, flowers, plant life.


Karma, if there is such a thing.

Grace; the transcendence of karma, if there is such a thing.

Every big, little thing that I could never write down.

The Dharma.

Thank you for Love, for You and Me - our facets.

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